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Who I am?

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My name is Jane and I am the owner of PuppyLove™ which is located in the beautiful state of Hawaii. My dogs Lulu and Tiamo are not dogs to me, but are my dog children. That was how the name PuppyLove™originated. The philosophy of my company is to allow your doggie to look good with high quality clothes and fabrics that have been approved by Lulu and Tiamo.

I have been a dog lover since early childhood, when I used to dress my dogs in baby clothes since there wasn't too much out there to purchase. I used to cut them up to fit my dogs' bodies. My parents probably thought what I did was cute, but they didn't realize that I really loved them like humans. As all of you canine lovers know, our pets sometimes get us through tough times just by their presence. So why shouldn't we reward them for being kind and loyal to us! Since I really enjoy dressing up my dogs, I decided to start my own business of selling and creating my own line of clothes, so you too can allow your dog to feel good just like humans do when we wear new outfits. I start off each day by taking off Lulu's and Tiamo's pajamas and dress them up for the day. I let them wear a different outfit every day. It makes my day and their's too. It makes them feel so special. Their tails wag. They feel proud, pant, and get excited. Don't you feel good when you put on something new?

PuppyLove™ will be carrying not only trendy high quality clothes, but also a selection of accessories and safe, fun toys. We also create puppy showers, birthday parties, doggie events, and soon to arrive on this web site a puppy registry.This will allow your friends to register you puppy on line for a gift on that special day. It will work just like a wedding registry. Who knows, perhaps your puppies will marry someday! PuppyLove™ also creates special events such as mutt mingles, biscuit treat tasting and doggie luau's. We are also activitists for doggie rights and are trying to get more restaurants to have special areas for dogs as they do in Europe. Then we can take our canine friends out with us for coffee, lunch, or dinner. We also endorse increased penalties for the abuse of animals.

If you are viewing this web site for the first time and have never dressed up your dog, try it and watch your dog's tail wag! They will feel proud by panting, getting excited, and loving you even more. I promise you, that I will, as a proud doggie mom to keep you up to date with the highest quality items in both clothing and accessories. I will also make this a fun web site for you to view with upcoming events, and new concepts in the health and welfare of your precious pooch!



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