Normally, I would be reluctant to write about myself. It seems somewhat conceited to do so. However, on the Internet, users tend to want to know the person (or people) behind a website. (Case in point: you are reading this.) It's a matter of establishing rapport.

So, here I am writing about myself. =)

Professional Background

I spent 7.5 years in the military working on various specialized computer systems. The following were my assignments:

After my military service, I worked for Science Applications International Corporation for 3 years as a Computer Systems Analyst on a US Department of Defense project. The project dealt mostly with developing custom Intelligence Analysts tools using (mainly) Visual Basic.Net, XML, and related technologies.

Currently, I am a telecommute freelancer. My clients are primarily web design and development firms. Thus, my work pretty much involves anything and everything my clients need. For larger projects, I have a small team of highly qualified and reliable people I can count on for help.


I have degrees in the following:

  • Computer Science, Cum Laude
  • Mathematics, With Honors
  • Electronics, Minor in Electrical Burns


On my personal time, I like to work on for-leisure programming projects (you read right: for-leisure). Here are some of the things I am currently having fun with:

  • RSS Crawler – same concept as a web crawler, just that this crawls RSS feeds
  • Search Engine– indexing and searching text; no threat to Google, unfortunately
  • HTML Parser – taking garbled web pages and trying to make sense of them, perhaps for an SEO application(?)

Additionally, when I have the time, I like to take pictures. I also do Tae Kwon Do.

Contact Me

Still have some questions? Feel free to contact me: