Standards Compliance

Websites can appear garbled on different browsers or take forever to load. If your website is one of those, dont expect your visitors to stay for long.

Avoid these problems. Web standards can make your site more usable and accessible.

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If your visitors have to spend time figuring out how to use your website, you're in trouble.

Don't risk losing potential customers. Usability can help your visitors quickly get the information they need from your website.

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Accessibility refers to how usable a website is to people with disabilities. In some cases, it is a legal requirement. With an accessible website, you can:

  • Widen Your Audience
  • Promote Social Responsibility
  • Meet Legal Requirements

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Writing for the Web Tip

Writing for the web is different from traditional copywriting. You must deal with different user behavior. For example, web users don’t read; they scan. Also, they tend to read about 25% slower than reading from paper.

Consider these factors when developing your content.

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